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Tom Hambleton


Tom Hambleton is equal parts composer, sound designer, and re-recording mixer with over 15 years experience with independent film and animation as well as commercial, TV, documentary, and music only-projects. He loves to find organic and surprising metaphoric connections between the visual and auditory worlds. Creating lusciously storied soundscapes that integrate and enhance the picture is his specialty. His work with artists such as Rosto (JONA/TOMBERRY and BEHEADED), David Russo (I AM NOT VAN GOGH and THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION OF LITTLE DIZZLE), Patrick Read Johnson (?77), Tom Schroeder (RIDING WITH HARV and A PLAN), and Andrew Chesworth (MONKEYTOWN and THE BRAVE LOCOMOTIVE) have generated many challenging soundtracks and garnered many top prizes from Cannes to Melbourne to The Hamptons to New Dehli to Black Maria. These and other films have screened at top festivals such as Sundance, Tribecca, Claremont-Ferrand, Silver Docs, First Frame, and many others as well as in commercial theatres world wide. In the fall of 2007 he gave master classes and talks in sound and music for film at the Imago Festival in Portugal, and Fantoche, in Switzerland. Tom runs Undertone Music in Minneapolis, MN which features the Midwest?s only Dolby approved Dub Stage along with 4 other studios and a staff of 5 sound editors and 2 composers and is also the only member of Cinema Audio Society (CAS) in Minnesota.

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