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Shawn K. Clement
4.10. 1968


Originally from Milford, Massachusetts, Clement excelled academically; after graduation, he moved to Boston to study at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. In 1993 Clement first visited Los Angeles and joined a country band with a regular residency at the hottest club on the Sunset Strip, Roxbury. He played sessions with a diverse roster of musicians including Skunk Baxter, Don Johnson and Harry Dean Stanton. In 1994, he decided to live in Los Angeles full time. Arriving on January 17 -- the day of the Northridge earthquake -- he continued to write, record and perform. In 1995, his composing career moved into high gear as he wrote music for Women, a series on Showtime and scored The Savage Dragon, an animated series for Universal. Clement's credits include the acclaimed network series Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1997-98). He has composed for features: A Rock and a Hard Place (Showtime) and One Way Out (Arrow Entertainment). Clement's music has also been heard on television shows Entertainment Tonight, Extra Magazine, The Guiding Light, Ally McBeal, Donny and Marie, Married....With Children, Another World, Wasteland, As the World Turns, Crime & Punishment, Ray Bradbury Theatre, The Heights and California Dreams. In addition to scoring, Clement is also an accomplished songwriter. While composing for Buffy The Vampire Slayer he also created songs that have reached cult status, as evidenced by the overwhelming response from the show's aficionados on the Buffy websites. Clement's songs also add an integral musical element to his score for We Married Margo. A mastery of musical gear has won Clement endorsements from Yamaha Guitars, Cakewalk Music Software, Seymour Duncan, Dean Markley Strings, Rocktron, Lexicon, EMU, Frontier Design, Peavey and Nemesys. He has been featured in full-page ads in Mix, Keyboard, EQ and Recording magazines to promote gear for Frontier Designs. An avid guitar collector with over fifty instruments, his interest in global music and culture is represented in his studies of such diverse instruments as the sitar and the didgeridoo. To house his extensive studio, Clement has completed the construction of a full-production recording facility at his Clemistry Ranch.

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