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Kazimir Boyle


Kazimir (Kaz) Boyle began composing for film when he was commissioned by the University of Illinois to create new music for the Austrian silent film Sodom und Gomorrha (1922). After completing his Bachelor of Music in Composition at the U of I, he attended the University of Southern California graduate program in Advanced Film and Television Scoring, studying under such legends as "Elmer Bernstein" , "David Raksin" and "Christopher Young". While at USC Kazimir met many film students and soon gained a reputation as a trusted musical collaborator.

Kaz then joined "Hans Zimmer"'s team at Media Ventures, where he absorbed - first as a technical assistant and later as a coordinator and arranger - an invaluable education in film composition technique, scene interpretation, and a broad knowledge of musical technology. His experience in Zimmer's tech world led to several opportunities working for "James Newton Howard" .

In 2002 Kazimir opened Flash Music, LLC, his own studio in Hollywood. Since then he has been busy with myriad freelance projects: independent feature films, cable television MOWs, television commercials and cutting-edge short films. He often co-writes with "James Dooley" , and "Trevor Morris" . In 2005 Kazimir was tapped by "Craig Armstrong" to be his orchestral arranger on Fever Pitch (2005) and _Must Love Dogs(2005)_ .

Kazimir continues to write music for the concert hall, often collaborating with the Los Angeles based chamber ensemble The Definiens Project.

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