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Mickey Erbe


One half of a Toronto-based husband-and wife-composing team, Erbe (and Maribeth Solomon) has been writing music for film and television since 1974. In recent years, Erbe and Solomon have become well-known for their contribution to several large format IMAX movies, notably "Nomads of the Deep", "North of Superior", "Hail Columbia!," "Blue Planet" and "Space Station 3D". They also received a great deal of exposure through their work on Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry's last project, "Earth: Final Conflict", for which they were nominated for an Emmy Award in 1997. As well as film and TV work, Erbe has composed, arranged or produced songs and albums for such performers as Isaac Hayes, Anne Murray, Natalie Cole, The Canadian Brass and opera star Maureen Forrester.

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