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Alice Wood


Alice Nicholas Wood studied music theory and composition at North Carolina School of the Arts, followed by a music composition degree at University of Southern California as well as participation in their prestigious Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television program. From there, she apprenticed under many notable composers including Rolfe Kent and Alex Wurman, learning the craft of every part of the process of translating music to film. Since then, she has scored numerous films, docs and commercials. While she has had the privilege of working with orchestras internationally, she plays many instruments herself, and also enjoys creating her own textures and colors, whether bowing objects, hammering a stone, or dragging bricks across a concrete floor, and embellishing these sounds with effects.

At the heart of her philosophy of putting music to media, whether documentary, feature film or short form, is the respect for the power that music has over an audience. While that power can mean lending awesome energy to a driving action sequence, it can also fall to the dangers of overwhelming the audience with a forced emotion or heavy hand in a dramatic scene. The challenge of the composer is discretion; to know when to shout out loud or when to subtly create a feeling or tone, while also taking into account the usefulness and impact of silence.

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