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Gary Guttman


As a composer, Gary Guttman has been commissioned to compose music for motion pictures, Imax films, television and themed attractions around the globe. Often at the very cutting edge of entertainment, his music has provided soundtracks for such diverse projects as an interactive television series and vanguard movies that merged three-dimensional imagery with fragrance technology. From vibrant Caesar's Palace on the Las Vegas strip and exotic Japanese theme parks to the spectacular interiors of the world's largest aquarium in Atlanta, his dramatic compositions have enthralled millions of visitors each year. Under his supervision, Guttman's music has been performed by some of the most prestigious orchestras in the world including the London Symphony Orchestra, and the Toronto Symphony.

Discovered by famed jazz musician Tom Scott, he has recorded with numerous musical luminaries including members of Frank Zappa's band. His work plays to an international audience and it has earned him praise as well as in-depth coverage in entertainment and music magazines including Variety. Early in his career, Gary was one of the original keyboardists for the pop group Missing Persons and can be heard on their hits Destination Unknown and Mental Hopscotch. Before that, he earned a degree in music composition, studying for four years with Pulitzer Prize winning composer Karel Husa. Gary is also the co-creator of the new groundbreaking software, Secret Composer.

Over the last quarter of a century, Gary has also worked intensely as an accomplished fine art painter specializing in highly crafted scenes of magic realism. He believes firmly that having a sharpened visual sense makes for more compelling musical creations.

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