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Steve Wood


Steve Wood has been scoring films with Greg MacGillivray for MacGillivray Freeman Films since Greg's surfing cult classic Five Summer Stories. Steve was the first member of the legendary Orange County surf band "Honk". Since then, he has worked on numerous IMAXˇ films. Steve worked with Sting on both The Living Sea and the Oscar Nominated Dolphins, with George Harrison on the Oscar nominated Everest, the Moody Blues on Journey Into Amazing Caves, Lindsay Buckingham on Adventures in Wild California and Crosby, Stills and Nash on Coral Reef Adventure. He has won numerous awards for his work. In September, 2006,Steve was awarded the Best Soundtrack Award at the annual Giant Screen Cinema Association Achievement Awards ceremony for his original score for Greece: Secrets of the Past. Then again in Sept. 2007, he won the GSCA award for best score for his work on "Hurricane On The Bayou". This makes 4, or 5.

Wood was Kenny Loggins' musical director for nine years, and has written many songs with Loggins including "If You Believe." He composed the instrumental interludes for Loggins' Return to Pooh Corner. He has performed with artists such as The Pointer Sisters, Michael McDonald, David Crosby, and Graham Nash. Wood's music has also appeared in other films such as Why Me? starring Christopher Lloyd, Boiling Point starring Wesley Snipes and Dennis Hopper, and Greedy starring Kirk Douglas. He also worked with Stevie Wonder on a Clio-award winning television spot for Hansen's Soda.

Scoring giant screen films has allowed Wood to develop his interest in and knowledge of diverse ethnic music including Indonesian, Caribbean, Chinese, Tibetan, South American, African, Middle Eastern and Irish and Greek styles. He has also recorded folk music in Fijian locations. For the last several years, Steve has produced music extensively for Sony Classical, including two CDs of music with Mario Frangoulis and a CD with opera legends Salvatore Licitra and Marcelo Alvarez.

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