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Michel Cusson
22.1. 1957


Michel Cusson, composer and guitarist (b at Drummondville, Qc 22 Jan 1957). He was interested in jazz-fusion in his youth, and studied guitar at Boston's Berkeley College of Music. In the late seventies, he formed the group Uzeb with whom he made several tours in Europe, the United States and Asia. On its dissolution in 1990, he formed the group Wild Unit, whose first album won the Félix for best jazz album the following year. Cusson is much in demand as a guitarist, and has worked notably with Daniel Lavoie, Maurane, the Paolo Ramos Band and Lorraine DESMARAIS. Sought after in movies and television, his compositions include film music for L'Automne Sauvage (1992; Félix for best arranger), La comtesse de Bâton-Rouge (1997), and the IMAX film Wolves (1999). He earned praise for the impressive music written for the TV series Omerta (1, 2 and 3) for which he received several awards. At the beginning of 1999, Michel Cusson formed the group Projet #3 with Éric Auclair, Michel Dubeau and Mark Kelso.

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