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Amin Bhatia
10.7. 1961


Emmy nominated composer Amin Bhatia's fascination with orchestral music and electronics won him international fame in his youth which led to projects with David Foster, Steve Porcaro; a solo album on Capitol Records Cinema label titled The Interstellar Suite and an award-winning career in music composition for film and television. Amin is currently working on "Flashpoint" (with co-writer Ari Posner) which airs on CBS and CTV. In between film and TV music assignments his long-awaited sequel to "The Interstellar Suite" entitled "Virtuality" was released on the anniversary of Bob Moog's birthday.

Resume and Credits The realism and expression of Amin's sound consistently wins critical acclaim among those in both the electronic and classical music genres. Amin's approach has been likened to the harmonic inventiveness of Jerry Goldsmith and the technical prowess of Hans Zimmer.

Over the years Bhatia has moved into orchestral work with a sizable profile of film and television scores. The IMAX films "Mysteries of the Great Lakes" and "Jane Goodall's Wild Chimpanzees" features members of the Toronto Symphony and Opera Orchestras with hit songs for the Jane Goodall documentary recorded in Africa with Johnny Clegg. The GFT epic war feature "Going Back" was recorded by the Munich Symphony Orchestra and the animated adventure "Rescue Heroes: The Movie" (Nelvana) features players from the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Other films include John Woo's "Once A Thief" and "Iron Eagle II".

In 2005 Amin Bhatia won two Gemini awards for his music score work in television and in 2006 Amin and co-writer Ari Posner received an Emmy nomination for the Disney animated series "Get Ed".

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