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Jeehun Hwang


Born in Korea, Jeehun Hwang lived all over the world before moving to America with his family in 1987. Fascinated by the piano at an early age, Jeehun started playing without formal training and shocked everyone by performing classical and popular music well beyond his years.

During his final year at Stanford University studying political science and psychology, he decided to put his academic pursuit on hold. Jeehun's musical journey began with his guitar, motorcycle and a dream as he headed for Hollywood.

"When I arrived in Los Angeles, I got a job at Activision as a production assistant, making ends meet while I looked for musicians to build my band. I was a part of the team working on a big up-and-coming title called MECHWARRIOR 2. When they were having trouble getting the music they wanted, I sold my car to buy a keyboard to make demo tracks at home. When I played it for them they told me to go back home and finish writing the music for the game.

When the game was released, it became a best seller and received Best Music of the Year awards from several game publications. Activision gave me a multi-project contract to continue writing music for their products and I ended up scoring a wide range of titles. This accidental launch of my scoring career eventually led to film & tv when my focus shifted".

In addition to collaborating with some of the hottest artists in town as a composer, music producer and artist, Jeehun found himself spreading his entrepreneurial wings. He founded Doxon Entertainment, which was comprised of a talent management company, modeling agency, and music and film production companies.

Jeehuns film music credits include the independent films WAR PRAYER, TART and SEE JANE RUN, and a project that introduced him to Director/ Producer James Cameron, JAMES CAMERONS EXPEDITION: BISMARCK. Following the success of this EMMY Award winning documentary, Jeehun was pleased to join Cameron for his latest project, ALIENS OF THE DEEP.

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