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Daniel Valdez


Composer, musician, singer, and actor, Daniel Valdez celebrates Chicano life and heritage with his vibrant rhythms, mythic stories, and dazzling theater. A founding member of El Teatro Campesino, Mr. Valdez learned Teatro as a teen-ager on United Farm Workers picket lines. His solo album, Mestizo, was the first Chicano album produced by a major label. A well known concert performer and composer, Mr. Valdez wrote original music for Chicano film classic, Zoot Suit, and produced La Bamba, the life story of Ritchie Valens. He has acted in several films including The China Syndrome. He composed the original score for Mexico, considered one of the top 15 IMAX films in the world. Currently Mr. Valdez is working on a musical play, El Sol Que Tu Eres, a joint project with four theaters, including Denver?s Su Teatro, which incorporates Aztec and Mayan myths. This winter he was a visiting theater professor at Stanford University and staged Ollin, an original musical performance based on the conquest of Mexico.

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