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David Bridie


David Bridie is a musician from Melbourne, Australia. Bridie first rose to prominence as a member of Not Drowning, Waving, which he started in the early 1980s with guitarist John Phillips. They released four albums on Australian independent labels to critical acclaim. Their fifth album, Tabaran, was to be released internationally through Warner Brothers, but was dropped at the last minute.

In the early 1990s, Bridie formed a second band, My Friend The Chocolate Cake with Helen Mountford as a side project. The new band became Bridie's main focus when Not Drowning Waving broke up after the release of the 1992 Circus album. My Friend the Chocolate Cake has released six studio albums and a live album.

Bridie has released three solo albums, Act of Free Choice (2000), Hotel Radio (2003) and Succumb, released in August 2008. He has also written several soundtracks for Australian movies and television, most notably The Man Who Sued God in 2001, Remote Area Nurse and The Circuit in 2007-2010

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