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 24.3. 2010

The List of IMAX Movies without Composer Name
We finally finished all necessary modifications for IE browser and clear up the bugs. Soundtracks and Composers section is displays now in gallery mode. We are working on the search engine for movie's name in composer's filmography. For now database contains informations about cca 100 composers and 90 soundtracks. But we couldn't find the composer's name by the cca 50 IMAX movies. Here is the list, so if someone know, who composed score for some of these movies, please, let us know. Thanks!

ISnDb Team

 3.2. 2010

Upcoming movies
Arabia 3D posterSea Rex poster

On the 12th February 2010 will be released IMAX movie Arabia 3D with score composed by famous IMAX composer Steve Wood.
On the 12th February 2010 will be released also Ultimate Wave Tahiti 3D and Hubble 3D will be released on the 19th March 2010.
On the 7th May should be released Sea Rex: Journey to a Prehistoric World with score by Franck Marchal.

 26.1. 2010

Coming Soon in Spring 2010
Hubble 3D poster Ultimate Wave Tahiti 3D poster

In this year you can looking forward to two new IMAX movies. The first is Ultimate Wave Tahiti 3D, which should be released in February 2010 with score composed by Michel Cusson.
The second movie is Hubble 3D, which should be released in March 2010. Score to this movie composed Mickey Erbe and Maribeth Solomon.

 24.1. 2010

Launched !!!
Today is the day we launched this unique project named IMAX Soundtracks Database (ISnDb). As you can see, this database contains the complex information about soundtracks from IMAX movies and about composers, who composed music for this movies. You can find more information about this database in section About. Enjoy!

ISnDb Team

 0.0. 0000

New soundtracks in our database
Newly released IMAX soundtrack composed by Cody Westheimer and the expanded version of by John Lunn have been addedd.

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Short News:
13th November 2018 - a new soundtrack in the database - Hidden Universe, score composed by Dale Cornelius.

26th March 2016 - a new soundtrack in the database - Journey to Mecca, score composed by Michael Brook.

20th January 2015 - added 1 new IMAX soundtrack - Journey Inside by David Shire, added two new composers - Alice Wood and Cody Westheimer and update of Ch. Jacquelin filmography.

1st August 2014 - new soundtrack in the database - Journey to the South Pacific composed by Steve Wood.

24th July 2014 - new composer in the database - Gilles Léveillé, who co-composed the score to Dragons 3D: Real Myths and Unreal Creatures.

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The IMAX Soundtracks Database contains:

102 titles
123 composers
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