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Title: Galapagos: The Enchanted Voyage
Composer(s): Mark Isham
Format: Regular CD
Label: Milan
Label number: 73138 35910-2
Release date: 2000
Country: USA


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Review by David A. Koran + audio samples

Audio samples

01. Galapagos (02:07)
02. The Expedition of a Lifetime (03:34)
03. Underground Cathedral (02:15)
04. The Giant Tortoise (03:24)
05. Sea Lions & the Imps of Darkness (03:40)
06. The Wonders that Lie Below (08:31)
07. Voyage Into the Unknown (08:40)
08. Galapagos (reprise) (05:09)
09. A Little World Within Themselves (02:36)

Total time: 39min 56s

Music composed and produced: Mark Isham
Music conducted and orchestrated: Ken Kugler
Music Mixer: Stephen Kraus
Music mixing assistant: Jason LaRocca
Music contractor: David Low
Music preparation: Janice Hayen and Cindy O'Connor
Soloist: Steve Kuala - flute, George Deering - acoustic guitar
Music recording: Alan Meyerson and Jason LaRocca at Wed Dog Studio/Sound chamber recorders

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