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Title: Space Center Houston
Composer(s): David Spear
Format: Regular CD
Label: -
Label number: -
Release date: 1992
Country: USA

This was available exclusively at the Space Center in Houston, to promote their two films. Very rare and hard to find.

Other info:
This CD is called "Space Center Houston" but it contains two scores by composer David Spear: To Be An Astronaut and On Human Destiny.

01. The New Astronaut (5:42)
02. Mission Training (3:44)
03. The Simulation (5.42)
04. Astronaut Hymn & Countdown (2:40)
05. Launch & Finale (3:19)
06. End Credits (0:36)
Tracks 1-6 from "To Be An Astronaut"
07. Man In Space (2:28)
08. Spacewalk (2:28)
09. Man On The Moon (1:24)
10. Shuttle & Challenger (2:48)
11. New Horizons (3:31)
12. End Credits (0:32)
Tracks 7-12 from "On Human Destiny"

Total time: 34min 54s

Original Music composed by David Spear conducting the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra
Music Supervisors: Daniel Allan Carlin and Curtis Roush
Music Editing and Music Services: Segue Music, Inc.
Scoring Engineers: Malcolm Luker & Daniel Brock
Scoring Services: Cue Music, Ltd.
Music Recorded at Arco Studios, Munich.
Music Produced by David Spear, Daniel Allan Carlin and Curtis Roush

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