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Title: Alamo: The Price of Freedom
Composer(s): Merrill Jenson
Format: Regular CD
Label: -
Label number: -
Release date: 1998
Country: USA


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Rare/Hard to find.

01. Main Theme (1:31)
02. The Dream Of Texas (1:50)
03. Travis Arrives At The Alamo (1:08)
04. Post Of Honor (1:04)
05. Santa Anna Arrives (1:23)
06. With A Cannon Shot (0:49)
07. Bowie Surrenders Command (1:10)
08. To The People Of Texas (1:52)
09. Cavalry Attack (1:05)
10. The Time Has Come (0:48)
11. Bonham Returns (1:15)
12. The Line (2:47)
13. The Ring (1:51)
14. Call To Attention/ Deguello (1:29)
15. No Small Affair/ Finale (3:41)
16. The Price Of Freedom (2:39)
Composed by Clint McAlister, performed by Sergio Salinas

Total time: 26min 22s

Music composed and conducted by Merrill Jenson
Album produced by Merrill Jenson
Executive Producer: Kevin R. Young
Recording Engineer: Loren Ashcraft
Music Editor: Ben Burtt
Album Design: Rick Utykanski
Period Music Consultant: Charles Davis

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