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Title: Futuroscope: Voyageurs du Ciel et de la Mer
Composer(s): Bruno Coulais
Format: Regular CD
Label: Galatée Films
Label number: 202664
Release date: 2004
Country: France

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Music for the FUTUROSCOPE Park movie. CD available only there.

Futuroscope: Voyageurs du Ciel et de la Mer soundtrack suite

01. Vers le Ciel (02:17)
02. Vol Reflet (01:07)
03. Elévation (01:15)
04. La Complainte du Vent (Choeur) (03:03)
05. Vol Africain (02:16)
06. Voyageurs du ciel et de la mer (01:38)
07. Cavalerie (01:21)
08. La Complainte du vent (Instrumental) (03:01)
09. Générique fin (02:10)

Total time: 18min 08s

Music composed by Bruno Coulais
Performed by Sofia Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra
Conducted by Deyan Pavlov
Manager: Elena Couchkova / Choir: Bodra Smiana
Recorded at Studio 1 - Bulgarian National Radio par Philippe Laffont
Mixed at Studio Claudia Sound par Philippe Laffont assisté de Maxime Lefèvre
Musical supervision: Slim Pezin

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