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Title: Nascar 3D
Composer(s): Eric Colvin , Various Artists
Format: Regular CD
Label: Shout! Factory
Label number: DK 31860
Release date: 2005
Country: USA

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01. Boom (3:08 )
Performed by P.O.D.
02. Firing Line (5:15)
Performed by The Allman Brothers Band
03. Sweet Home Alabama (4:44)
Performed by Lynyrd Skynyrd
04. Steve McQueen (3:25)
Performed by Sheryl Crow
05. I Got It Bad (3:27)
Performed by LeAnn Rimes
06. La Grange (3:27)
Performed by Wes Cunningham
07. Hill Stomp (2:58)
Performed by Robert Belfour
08. Earnhardt Remembered/Build The Car/Practice (5:32)
Composed by Eric Colvin
09. Counting The Days (2:38)
Performed by Collective Soul
10. You'll Never Catch Me (3:20)
Performed by Steve Harwell
11. Hot Wired (2:35)
Performed by Thee Shams Brothers
12. Qualifying/6 AM Race Day/Start Your Engines (5:21)
Composed by Eric Colvin
13. Star Spangled Banner (1:59)
Performed by LeAnn Rimes
14. Thunder (Nascar Theme) (3:53)
Performed by Dave Robidoux

Total time: 51min 42s

Executives in charge of Music for Warner Bros. Pictures: Doug Frank and Suzi Civita
Executives in charge of Music for NASCAR:
Sarah Nettinga and Dick Glover
Soundtrack supervision for Shout! Factory: Derek Dressler
Remastering: Madhouse Mastering
Soundtrack coordinator: Nancy Ferreira

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