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Title: Deep Sea 3D (Serenada Schizophrana)
Composer(s): Danny Elfman
Format: Regular CD
Label: Sony Classical
Label number: 82876-897802
Release date: 3.10. 2006
Country: USA


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Another photos from Serenada Schizoprahna recording session.

01. I. Pianos (07:00)
02. II. Blue Strings (10:08)
03. III. A Brass Thing (07:55)
04. IV. The Quadruped Patrol (02:55)
05. V. 'I Forget' (06:23)
06. VI. Bells And Whistles (08:07)
07. End Tag (00:51)
08. Improv For Alto Sax (02:06)

Total time: 45min 25s

Composed and produced by Danny Elfman
Conducted by John Mauceri
Orchestrated by Steve Bartek (1,3,5,6) and Edgardo Simone (2,7)
Spanish lyrics by Claudia Brant
Recorded by Armen Steiner
Mixed by Dennis Sands and Armen Steiner
Recorded at The Newman Scoring Stage, Fox Studios

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