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Title: Ghost of the Abyss
Composer(s): Joel McNeely
Format: Regular CD
Label: Hollywood Records
Label number: 2061-62397-2
Release date: 2003
Country: USA


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Audio samples

Audio samples

01. Departure (written and performed by Glen Phillips) (2:33)
02. Main Title (1:16)
03. Apprehension (1:29)
04. Getting Ready (1:20)
05. Titanic Revealed (3:11)
06. Floating Above the Deck (3:01)
07. Dangerous Recovery (1:28)
08. Valse Septembre (written by Felix Godin) (2:19)
09. The Windows (0:47)
10. Jake and Elwood (2:14)
11. The Bots Go In (1:33)
12. Titsy Bitsy Girl (written by Ivan Caryll and Lionel Monckton) (1:52)
13. The Grand Staircase (1:33)
14. Exploring the Staterooms (1:51)
15. Song Without Words (written by Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky) (2:26)
16. Elegance Past (2:10)
17. Building the Ship (1:28)
18. I... I Had to Go (1:54)
19. The Ship's Engines (1:42)
20. Alexander's Ragtime Band (written by Irving Berlin) (1:53)
21. The Final Day (2:15)
22. The End (3:17)
23. Memorials (1:18)
24. Go Toward the Light (1:31)
25. The Next Morning (2:08)
26. Nearer My God to Thee (written by John B. Dykes) (0:55)
27. Saying Goodbye to Titanic (1:55)
28. Eternal Father, Strong to Save (written by John B. Dykes and William Whiting) (3:02)
29. Darkness, Darkness (written by Jesse Colin Young, performed by Lisa Torban) (4:05)

Total time: 58min 29s

Music composed by Joel McNeely
Music coordinator: Brian Leff
Music contractor: Sandy De Crescent
Additional Orchestration: David Slonaker, Marshall Bowen and Frank Macchia
Music preparation: Booker White
Recorded and mixed by Rich Breen
Recordist: John Rodd
Music editor: Vraig Pettigrew
Synthesizers: Judd Miller
Mastered by Pat Suliven at Bernie Grundman Mastering

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