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Title: Roving Mars
Composer(s): Philips Glass
Format: Regular CD
Label: Lakeshore Records
Label number: LKS 33867
Release date: 2006
Country: USA


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Sediments track

01. Opening Titles (3:21)
02. Robot Geologist (2:06)
03. Origami Spacekraft (1:20)
04. Spirit and Opportunity (0:49)
05. Eyes, Hands, Wheels (3:31)
06. So Much of Our Hopes (0:36)
07. 7 Months After Launch (2:52)
08. Unfolding (2:17)
09. Sediments (3:59)
10. Landing (3:41)
11. Opportunity vs. Spirit (5:22)
12. Floating in Space (2:00)
13. Life Itself (2:02)
14. "Glosoli" - Sigur Ros (6:16)

Total time: 40min 12s

Original music by Philip Glass
Score Published by Walt Disney Music Company (ASCAP)
Score conducted and mixed by Michael Riesman
Score produced by Kurt Munkacsi
Score preparation by Nico Muhly
Score recorded and mixed at Looking Glass Studios, New York
Score Engineer: Ichiho Nishiki
Score Music Production Coordinator: Christian Rutledge

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