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Title: Antarctica
Composer(s): Nigel Westlake
Format: Regular CD
Label: Tall Poppies
Label number: TPO 12
Release date: 1992
Country: Australia

Tall Poppies Records

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Antarctica: Suite for Guitar and Orchestra

01. Yearning For The Continent (03:20)
02. The Last Place On Earth (05:48)
03. Penguin Play (02:45)
04. Threnody (01:39)
05. Penguin Circus (02:00)
06. Canyons of Ice (01:50)
07. Meltponds / Dry Valleys / The Ice Core (07:14)
08. Scott's Theme (01:03)
09. Wooden Ships (01:37)
10. At The Pole (02:17)
11. Scott's Theme (01:48)
12. Finale (03:16)
13. Postlude (02:36)

Total time: 37min 13s

Orchestra conducted by Carl Vine
David Pereira, cello
Louise Johnson, harp
Timothy Kain, guitar
Phllippe Marc Antequil, boy soprano
Christine Douglas, solo soprano
Recorded in Rhinoceros Studios, Sydney, Australia

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