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Title: Greece: Secrets of the Past
Composer(s): Steve Wood
Format: Regular CD
Label: Maywood Records
Label number: MWR 0601
Release date: 2006
Country: USA

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Soundtrack also exists in a local Greek version with a different cover but with the same music content.

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01. Kyma T'ouranou - Anatoli (Wave of Heaven - East) (3:29)
02. Seafarers (4:54)
03. San Astrapi (Like Lightning) (3:30)
04. Eruption (2:23)
05. Fall of Athens (2:54)
06. Choris Epistrofi / Atlantis (Without Return) (1:19)
07. Peering Into the Earth (2:32)
08. Pulse of Life (1:03)
09. Atlantis (2:40)
10. To Taxidi Mou Eisai Esy (You Are My Journey) (4:31)
11. Preserved in Ash (2:46)
12. Voices From the Past (2:29)
13. Kathe Lexi Sou Mia Efchi (Every Word of Yours a Wish) (4:20)
14. Parthenon (4:41)
15. Epidauros (1:39)
16. Fingerprints in Ice (2:05)
17. Walls That Speak (3:56)
18. The Most Precious Cargo (2:44)

Total time: 53min 55s

Music composed, arranged, produced and mixed by Steve Wood
Orchestration: Daniel May
Orchestra: Czech Film Orchestra
Recorded at:
Odeon Studios, Athens
Benaji Studio, Laguna Beach, CA
CNSO Studio, Prague

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