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Title: Disney's California Adventure
Composer(s): Jerry Goldsmith
Format: Regular CD
Label: Walt Disney Records
Label number: 60044-7
Release date: 2001
Country: USA


Other info:
CD includes theme from park ride Soarin' Over California.

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01. On the Edge (03:11)
02. Feels Alright (03:03)
03. Superstar Limo (03:42)
04. Steps in Time Finale (03:47)
05. Chase and Finale (05:38)

06. Soarin' Over California (04:43)
07. Beauty and the Bees (02:19)
08. It's Tough To Be A Bug (00:48)
09. Seasons of the Vine Medley (04:32)
10. Just One Dream (04:07)
11. The Bakery Theme (03:28)
12. California Screamin' (02:35)
13. Eureka! - A California Parade (09:32)

Total time: 51min 25s

Album compiled by Randy Thorton
Album mastered by Jeff Sheridan at SoundWorks Studio, Hollywood, CA

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