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Title: Ultimate X: The Movie
Composer(s): Various Artists
Format: Regular CD
Label: Hollywood Records
Label number: 2061-62340-2
Release date: 2002
Country: USA

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01. No Light (4:11)
Performed by 3rd Strike
02. We Luv U (3:24)
Performed by Grand Theft Auto
03. Heaven Is a Halfpipe (4:18)
Performed by OPM
04. Praise You (5:28)
Performed by Fatboy Slim
05. Skills Like This (2:49)
Performed by Guided By Voices
06. Who's on Your Side (2:50)
Performed by Pennywise
07. Permanent Holiday (2:08)
Performed by Suicide Machines
08. Just a Day (4:04)
Performed by Feeder
09. Bring It On (2:53)
Performed by Handsome Devil
10. Christiansands (3:50)
Performed by Tricky
11. Whispering Wind (6:03)
Performed by Moby
12. Paranoid (5:26)
Performed by 3rd Strike

Total time: 47 min 24 s


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