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Title: Arabia
Composer(s): Steve Wood , Naser Musa
Format: Regular CD
Label: MayWood Records
Label number: MWR 1001
Release date: 2010
Country: USA


Other info:
Steve Wood's website - here you can find a short montage from the soundtrack and lyrics of songs/vocals.

Good reading about making the score in the production notes (site 22-24).

Track Seeds of Change at Youtube
Track Sineen at Youtube
Track Ana Wain (Where Am I?) at Youtube

01. Sineen (Years) (4:19)
Steve Wood, Naser Musa and Hamzah Jamjoom
02. Seeds of Change (2:55)
Steve Wood
03. Allah Alaik (My God How Precious You Are) (4:43)
Naser Musa
04. Madain Saleh (3:18)
Steve Wood
05. Ahlam Tisabig Ahlam (Dreams Racing Dreams) (4:11)
Steve Wood and Naser Musa
06. Red Sea (3:24)
Steve Wood
07. Ana Wain (Where Am I) (4:48)
Naser Musa
08. Golden Age (3:33)
Steve Wood
09. Kan Yama Kan (Once Upon A Time) (3:42)
Steve Wood and Naser Musa
10. Caravan (2:40)
Steve Wood and Naser Musa
11. Allah Fi Hali Alam (Only God Knows) (4:56)
Naser Musa
12. Timeless Time (6:17)
Steve Wood and Naser Musa

Total time: 48min 46s

Music by Steve Wood with Naser Musa
Recorded and mixed by Steve Wood
Mastered by Joe Gaswirt
Keybords and guitar: Steve Wood
Oud, vocals and percussion: Naser Musa
Vocals: Woroud
Qanoon: James Grippo
Percussion: Petro Al Ammar
Kamancheh and gheychak: Mani Bolouri
Violin: George Hamad
Percussion: Faisal Zedan
Ney and percussion: Houman Pourmehdi
Tar: Pirayeh Pourafar
Vocals and mayhem: Hamzah Jamjoom

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