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Title: UFO: The Truth is Here
Composer(s): Mark Snow
Format: Regular CD
Label: Cosmonova/SnowTunes
Label number: -
Release date: 2001
Country: Sweden


Other info:
Very rare and hard to find.

01. Introductin
02. People and UFO's
03. Explaining UFO's
04. Real Encounters
05. Life Among the Sun's Family
06. The Search for Alien Life
07. What's up in the Night?
08. Ending

Total time: 47min 30s

Score composed by Mark Snow
Executive producer: Robert Urband
Mixed and recorder by: Larold Rebhun
Special thanks to: Tom Callen, Larold Rebhun, Robert Urband, Sandra Cortez, Sally Zito and Jeff Charbonneau.

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