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 13.11. 2018

13th November 2018 - a new soundtrack in the database - index.php?text=soundtrack_list&id=105#, score composed by Dale Cornelius.

 26.3. 2016

26th March 2016 - a new soundtrack in the database - Journey to Mecca, score composed by Michael Brook.

 20.1. 2015

20th January 2015 - added 1 new IMAX soundtrack - Journey Inside by David Shire, added two new composers - Alice Wood and Cody Westheimer and update of Ch. Jacquelin filmography.

 1.8. 2014

1st August 2014 - new soundtrack in the database - Journey to the South Pacific composed by Steve Wood.

 24.7. 2014

24th July 2014 - new composer in the database - Gilles Léveillé, who co-composed the score to Dragons 3D: Real Myths and Unreal Creatures.

 1.8. 2013

1st August 2013 - update of Luke Creswell and Steve McNicholas filmography (they composed the score for the Great White Shark 3D) and two new composers in database - James Edward Barker, who composed the score for Penguins 3D and Dale Cornelius, who composed the music for Hidden Universe 3D.

 9.3. 2013

9th March 2013 - new soundtracks in the database - very rare soundtrack UFO: The Truth Is Here composed by Mark Snow and promo soundtrack from Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D composed by Black Neely.

 21.2. 2013

21th February 2013 - update of Sam Carodon's filmography (score for Titans of the Ice Age) and Christophe Jacquelin's filmography (score for the Kenya 3D: Animal Kingdom).

 21.5. 2012

21th May 2012 - new soundtrack in the database - Wild Ocean composed by Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas.

 9.4. 2012

9th April 2012 - update of Steve Wood's filmography - he composed the score for the new IMAX movie To the Artic 3D.

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